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Titanfour represents strengths and ability to connect businesses, offering improvise business process, mobility and customer- centric information technologies experience.

Awarded as Top SME Company in year 2013 with more than 50 professionals across ASEAN and ASIA helping over hundreds of local and global customers including top GLC’s, Conglomerates and SME’s companies. We achieved international and local accreditation from our customer with vast experience in allowing expansion in innovation space, open platforms connect across number of technologies to deliver core business value to our stakeholders.  

We are expertise in

  •   Oracle JD Edwards Suite Financial Management
  •   Oracle JD Edwards Suite Supply Chain Management
  •   Oracle JD Edwards Suite Project Accounting Management
  •   Oracle JD Edwards Suite Warehouse Management 
  •   Oracle JD Edwards Suite Homebuilder Management
  •   Oracle JD Edwards Suite Real Estate Management 

Engagement Model

  •   Co-development of new solutions and process integration packs with Oracle
  •   Product re-engineering programs
  •   Marketing and Joint development of domain-specific solutions with Oracle
  •   Continuous High level of support from Oracle on new technologies, updates etc.
  •   Joint level working-pre-sales, sales, project execution engagement.